Toronto travel clinic

New location (2021)
130 Adelaide St West
Toronto Ontario
Canada M5H 3P5
tel: 416 361-6142 [start early 2021]

FOR APPOINTMENTS:Please call 416-361-6142
or email:

You may not have travelled, but we have! Preparing for a great trip does just involve packing right! It also involves preparing yourself and your loved ones medically to ensure your travels are healthy and worry-free. For 20 years, Traveller's Medical Services & Geographic Medicine has been providing comprehensive travel medical services to clients from our offices located in Toronto's downtown business district. We welcome everyone - the corporate traveller planning a business trip abroad, the adventurous trekker departing for remote locations and the apprehensive family embarking on their first trip to exotic lands.

Traveller's Medical Services & Geographic Medicine pays close attention to your travel medical needs by offering:

  • pre-travel advice and counseling
  • travel immunization on-site at competitive prices
  • pre-travel prescription
  • travel medical supplies
  • psychosocial acculturation assessment
  • post-trip consultations
  • and more...

The Director: JOHN H HII MD FRCPC graduated from McGill University, trained in Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and University of Toronto, and travelled and worked in field malaria and diarrhea research in SE Asia and went on to head the Medical Microbiology Section at DC-VAMC, Washington DC. He currently runs this full-time travel clinic in the Bay Street Area Toronto, complete with experienced clinical staff.

Office Hours: Monday Tuesday & Thursday. 416-361-6142 and BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Vaccine Costs: You will need to contact your drug benefits company regarding their vaccine coverage (and DIN Numbers)

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